Buddha Bowl Recipe! Raw Vegan Style!

Rainbow Buddha Bowls! Join me in the kitchen with mom as as both make our down delicious Buddha Bowls with a creamy rosemary dressing! Raw Vegan Style! Please enjoy and leave a thumbs up for mom! Blessings to you! Subscribe: | Follow my FB: | Follow My Instagram:
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Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram lives to inspire a FullyRaw, or 100% raw vegan healthy vegan lifestyle at www.fullyraw.com. A raw vegan lifestyle incorporates fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. KristinaFullyRaw posts new videos every week that include recipes, tips, tricks, vlogs, motivational, fitness, exercise, and inspiration on how to be the best version of yourself.


  1. tyrone says:

    I tried it I had dirrehea

  2. tyrone says:

    666 – 666 – 6666 is my fone numba

  3. tyrone says:

    My dick is on crack now because of this

  4. GunGuru says:

    What Buddha have to do with it?

  5. AGNES says:

    Mother and daughter having a good time in the kitchen.. Nice!..but not of interest for me.. Where is the actual recipe gals?

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