Fast Food Burger Milkshakes – A La Carte

The latest news in the food industry and Chef Atari tries some tasty milkshakes.

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Fast Food Burger Milkshakes – A LA Carte


  1. Pat Becker says:

    I am in total awe! well done, sir!!!

  2. nos llew-blaidd says:

    Oz rocks 🙂

  3. Connor theta says:

    this was Autistic !

  4. caleb terry says:

    hot sauce challenge? please don’t. hot wings. sure. hot taco’s sure. but drinking hot sauce? might as well snort a condom while your at it.

  5. Loren Sedore says:

    So apparently you guys don’t watch good mythical morning cuz it’s been done already…lol.still a great show guys..Keep it up

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