Gigantic Grilled Cheese – Epic Meal Time

We celebrated National Grilled Cheese day with a 60lb grilled cheese sandwich.
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Gigantic Grilled Cheese – Epic Meal Time


  1. RetroKid Reviews says:

    Why the fuck was emt on Fox News aka the asshole of American News the fuck go to cnn they would have gave you guys a 2 and a half hour block on there’s channel for pennies on the dollar more than Fox News is not real news network lol for real great epic meal as always keep it up and worn a mother fucker next time you go to the white wile of trash News here in the states

  2. Steven says:

    That looks gross af

  3. Mr. Blurr says:

    Why aren’t you getting world records for all the things u have made you deserve the records!!!

  4. Russian love says:

    This isn’t fucking news.

  5. Scyber_Sounds Of The Future says:

    Stop giving Trump ideas.

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