How To Make Sausage, Cheese and Puff Pastry Sticks – No Shame Saturday – One Kitchen

No Shame Saturday! These Frankfurter sausage and cheese bites served with a delicious dip is like… Heaven!
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You will need:
Puff pastry
Cheddar cheese

½ red onion
Large handful of chives
2 part sour cream
1 part mayonnaise
Salt and pepper

180 degrees convection oven or 350 degrees F convection for about 12-14 minutes + 5-8 minutes

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  1. Hutchisons World says:

    Julia you blow me away with these ideas, if the sausage puff pastry sticks wasn’t good enough, then you make that dip , I think I could eat the dip on its own , somebody get me a spoon lol X

  2. TurtleBurger says:

    Marry me ._.

  3. Juanelo1946 says:

    Julia, your thick, rich, creamy, oniony sauce made me drool all over my keyboard. That was before I even saw your luscious pastry sausage bites! These appetizers are out of this world! They would become my dinner!

  4. Byron Chandler says:

    Hi, Julia. Your sausage looks simply gorgeous. You are one of the most beautiful cooks in the world. I love the simplicity of your wonderful channel.

  5. Lilly's World says:

    awsome recipe

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