Huge McDonald’s Filet O Fish – Epic Meal Time

We took a McDonald’s Classic in the Filet O Fish, and made it Epic. REAL EPIC!!!

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Filet O Fish – Epic Meal Time


  1. Clinton Spindley says:

    Muscles glasses?

  2. Michael Böttger says:

    Love your show, seen the “nachos maximus” today on local german TV show. need to cook it myself 🙂

  3. Brickhouse902 says:

    You know what this sandwich needs? #MusclesGlasses.

  4. MLG Trumlond says:

    Wtf for months I have not received your videos untill I had to search your channel again damn you youtube

  5. mrdrproffesornoam says:

    Click to 3:45 in the time slot for some FAT ssssAAAAndwich drips on the right hand corner of cheese

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