Lemon pastry/ lemon cold cake/how to make lemon pastry/pastry recipe

Bored of same old pastry, try this tangy pastry
For syrup:

1 cup water
4 tbsp sugar
1/2 lemon juice
2 -3 drops cardamom essence

For whipping cream:
1 cup whipping cream chilled
2 drops edible saffron colour
1/2lemon juice

For garnishing:

2 slices of lemon
8-9 cherries


  1. Pakwan Recipe in hindi says:

    Nyc.,yummy and tasty pastry

  2. Raksha Kashyap says:

    This channel is So creative !!
    Everytime it comes up with a unique tongue flicking recipe !!

  3. Rajeshwari Biradar says:

    very nice, definitely I will try this

    • Queen of kitchen says:

      Rajeshwari Biradar thanks for the compliment dear…do try and leave your feedback in comment section pls

  4. Sambhrama J says:

    Mouth watering 😘

  5. Raju Biradar says:

    Nice recipe

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