LOW CARB Shamrock Shake

Happy Saint Patricks Day!
AKA- LOW CARB Shamrock Shake day!
Enjoy this festive drink without any of the guilt! My version is LOW CARB DIET friendly at just 2.5 grams per serving and I am calling it a ‘Shamrock Sip’ because it is easier to drink than a thick milkshake. Anyone looking for a lower calorie, lower carb alternative to the original needs to try my recipe out!

To get the full recipe for my LOW CARB Shamrock Shake / Shamrock Sip click here:

Per Drink:
107 Calories
2.5 grams protein
2.5 grams net carbs!

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This is my #99 recipe posted! I hope you guys are enjoying my channel! Thank you so much for watching! XO


  1. Didi1770 says:

    That’s amazing. I’m gonna buy the ingredients. Thank you for another recipe I love. Heck I love ALL your recipes. BEST channel ever.

  2. Laura Melendez says:

    Yum u just inspired me to make one of these shamrock shakes, instead of the food coloring I used spinach, used SF vanilla syrup and added ice. SO good!

  3. emrobs1973 says:

    Made your Low Carb Cauliflower Mac Cheese today with hamburger’s Bun less. It was soooooooo good!!!Can’t WAIT to try this. I don’t have half and half so I may use a little heavy cream. Just shared it on my Facebook! Thank you So much!

  4. Pamela Levesque says:

    Top o’ the mornin’ to ya, Kat! You’ve done it again! I can’t wait to try this : )

    • lil Piece of Hart * LOW CARB Cooking * says:

      Haha did ya like that?! That clip pretty much sums me up as a person lolol

  5. Cajun_ Mommie says:

    Looks really good! Could you use more ice to give it a thicker texture?

    • lil Piece of Hart * LOW CARB Cooking * says:

      I say- Give it a try! I honestly LOVED the texture, I didn’t miss the thicker consistency.

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