OREO Mint Shake Recipe for St. Patrick’s Day【fast-forward cooking】

9th 1-min fast-forward cooking video is OREO Mint Shake for St.Patrick’s Day;)
i heard OREO Mint Shake is popular menu items at Burger King in USA,but it isn’t sold in Japan.

OREO cookies
150ml milk
100g vanilla ice cream
80g ice
edible dry clovers
whip cream
food color(green)

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  1. Gwen Northcutt says:

    another name for the oreo flavor here in the US is “cookies n cream”, so it’s funny that you took out the cream first.

  2. sarah copeland says:

    I make it for st patricks day

  3. Smokahontas420 says:

    use the whole oreo

  4. Trevor 🅴 says:

    When your exited for a new decocookie channel, but it’s a fast forward.

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