Puff Pastry Dough Recipe – Dough For Chicken Patties, Cream Roll, Bakarkhani At Home

Puff Pastry Dough Use Usually for making Patties Such as Chicken Patties, Cream Roll, Bakarkhani and Some Other Baking Recipes. Its very difficult and time Consuming Recipe But I Hope You Will Enjoy it. If You Learn carefully You will get a Unique Knowledge. If You Learn Perfectly then You can Prepare Chicken Pattiles, Cream Roll, Bakarkhani etc.


Plain Flour 4 Cups/500 gms
Butter 6 tbsp (Melted)
Salt 2 tsp/1 tbsp
Water as You Required
Margarine 250 gms

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  1. Nousheen Rafiq says:

    amazing recipe

  2. Khan Khan says:

    mam very good recipe where do you live

  3. Kamran Ali says:

    ap se chicken wonton ki frmahish ki thi kub banengy

  4. areeba malik says:

    api apki sari recipes bhy achi hti hain..plz common or roz marra k liye bhi recipes skhaya karen like handii wgera

  5. Sahar baber says:

    amna . salam. can have u ever baked patties in cattle. like pizza.?? vegetable patties?

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