RAW VEGAN SUSHI RECIPE with Plant Powered Planet • Agnes Krown

Woohoo, I’m here with Plant powered planet, two lovely vegan girls from Ljubljana. We created two vegan sushi recipes for you, a raw vegan version on my channel and a cooked vegan version on theirs:

This is the kind of food I eat weekly if not even more frequently, it’s definitely one of my favorite recipes, especially because it’s SO tasty, simple and quick to make.

I’m definitely open for ideas about what videos I should film, do you guys wanna see more of what I eat (in a day) as a raw vegan?

Hope you enjoy watching!!!

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  1. Jacky YouK says:

    this looks so Amazing!! soo colourful, so yaaam *<3

  2. BMapleton89 says:

    Punce, rezanje sušijev kot simbol kastracije moške klobase? 😛

  3. SoRAnubis says:

    A tist ”moan” na 2:42 je bla referenca na mesnato klobaso?

  4. razdelilec says:

    How is this different from a salad?

  5. Tadeja H. says:

    waaau, looks delicious! gotta try this soon =)

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