Snail Pastry Rolls Recipe, How to make german raisin nut pastry, schnecken Pastry Rolls

Snail pastry rolls. Also, called as Danish rolls,schnecken rolls,pain aux raisin and raisin rolls.

Learn how to make this super soft, nutty raisin pastry

For pastry dough-
Ingredients- maida/ all purpose flour-3 cups
Instant yeast- 1Tbsp
Baking powder-1 Tsp
Baking Soda-1/2Tsp
Warm milk-1 cup
Butter-1/4 cup
Note: If you are using active dry yeast then first activate the yeast using warm milk and sugar, then add it to dry ingredients.
For pastry cream:-
Milk-1 cup
Sugar-1/3 cup
Custard powder-1Tbsp
Milk for mixing custard powder-1Tbsp

Butter for brushing dough
Brown/white sugar for layering
Walnuts/any nuts
For garnishing
Dry fruits/tutti fruity/choco chips


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