World’s Largest Mcdonald’s Happy Meal – Epic Meal Time

We made the world’s Largest Happy Meal, and guess what the toy is?!

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World’s Largest McDonald’s Happy Meal – Epic Meal Time


  1. Mike Reimer says:

    The jack is a great add. Count me in!!

  2. Eric Lummus says:

    Where’s the toy..smh

  3. Gawein Lauwers says:

    As your next anniversary episode you should just get all the guys who ever worked on EMT back together: Tyler, Muscles Glasses, Dave, Josh, the chef dude from breakfast of booze, Lemme Kno,…

  4. Quantum Lightning says:

    Only the best of the best remember VGHS!

  5. Samantha Jarmin says:

    Furious Pete called ya out! Lemons for leukemia!

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