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  1. Epic Meal Time says:

    The Epic Meal is at 12:16 but be warned…skipping the beginning is a bitch move.

    • Taxobell 77 says:

      Man you guys have the most unique and innovative food channel, you guys deserve more views. I used to watch you 24/7 but then for some reason i stopped for a long while. Well i starved myself for 15 days straight before and that’s when I get addicted to watching food shows. But great work. I hope you guys get your old glory back. I feel sad how a lot of your videos only get like 80K views instead of the millions like the old days.

    • fomocoboy says:

      @harleyplays stop being a bitch and set up a challenge with @furiouspete

    • Angsty Camera man says:

      Epic Meal Time skipped

    • danger1616 says:

      wasn’t worth it sorry

    • H G says:


  2. Rocket Man says:

    Fucking Awesome! We’ve officially reached the next level.

  3. Chad Redl says:

    Shoot, guess I’ll never get to try their jerky, since I won’t sell my soul to step foot inside a Walmart.

  4. Brittany Hill says:

    I just ate a bag of jerky. Wtf. Trippy as fuck.

  5. Carrie Lee says:

    Is it being sold in Canada too?

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