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Introducing my new favorite breakfast: zucchini fritters. The first thing I said when I tried these zucchini fritters was, “Wow!’ Vegan, Gluten Free, totally healthy Zucchini Oat cakes that are super easy to make. These zucchini cakes or patties make an elegant appetizer fit for your upcoming parties. Shredded fresh zucchini, is mixed with Oat and a little flax meal. The mixture is then poured into pan fried in olive oil until they are golden brown.
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  1. Param Siva says:

    I like this recipe.I Have this pan.i bought in INDIA.I Try it

  2. Dezi Shukla says:

    Wow di .yummy, lovely, healthy ,vegan + gluten free . I love it.

  3. You Are The Balance says:

    They look very yummy.😋

  4. Mnrusty1 says:

    Wonderful! I have celiac so eating gluten free is a requirement. Am so tired of gf pancakes from a mix and will LOVE trying these! Thank you Bhavna, another winning recipe!

  5. Betty Horn says:

    This sounds delicious! I’m definitely going to try it! Thanks!

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